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Roomies 101

This article was inspired by real life events. During the course of this past year in the midst of a Global Pandemic drastic changes took place some for the better and others for the worst. I myself, relocated 3 times during the shutdown. For some people–this un-Earthing came in more grueling in the form of:Continue reading “Roomies 101”

NO More Body Shaming

 It’s Amazing. I expect self-inflicted Body-Shaming from the post-partum moms I work with. After all it isn’t easy seeing everyone go on with their lives while adjusting to Motherhood, a little one,  this new body + extended LIFE. Social Media does a great job of informing us but it can also be Terrorizing. Information canContinue reading “NO More Body Shaming”

I AM Womanifesto… LAWS of MAAT.

  • I honor virtue
  • I benefit with gratitude
  • I am peaceful
  • I respect the property of others
  • I affirm that all life is sacred
  • I give offerings that are genuine
  • I live in truth
  • I regard all altars with respect
  • I speak with sincerity
  • I consume only my fair share

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